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Reading today is a lost art. People read books, papers and journals before the advent of the internet. Remember running to the library to find information that today is slowly getting substituted to copying information from search engines on the internet? Or buying the last copy of the comics before it sold out?

With new advancements in technology, the need to buy books, read them, sell them to buy new books, somewhere lost itself to the easy to use mobiles and information available at the fingertips. Books today are only being left on the bookshelves with the street hawkers, libraries and at homes, gathering in the dust, waiting for someone to pick them and read, to attain knowledge and abstract emotions of life through stories.

If we had to ever describe BookOurBooks.com, we would say it is, 'The Art of Traded Reading', meaning the trade of books by people fuelled with the spirit to read.

At BookOurBooks.com, we are using the same advancing technology to get the art of reading back on track and rekindle the lost art in people who love books. With a simple-to-use website, we provide books our way- to read, enjoy and understand genres, course books and more, all with the same ease- at the fingertip. Once done we help you sell them to another reader, without the involvement of a third party, promising confidentiality and security. With the completion of a book, we welcome you to become a seller again, to sell and buy another book of your interest and get going again.

We provide both the seller and the buyer, a virtual marketplace to meet right from your digital devices and then trade the book, keeping in base with the closest buyer/seller from your location for an affordable price.

With the seller encouraged to post ten free ads with the account, buyers are welcome to search through our array of books that we sell through the seller. We also provide offline book stores to get online and keep their businesses going.

Registering your offline store with us, gives you an online store on the internet, with buyers spread pan India. Adding to benefits, BookourBooks.com also accepts in huge bulk orders for school/college course books, delivering them right to your doorstep with simple contact through mail or the online form in the Business page of the website.

With the buyer contacting the seller and completion of the trade, the team at BookOurBooks.com achieve success and happiness in virtually gifting books that rekindle the lost art of reading, helping us grow in our motto.

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