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How It Works

How it works:

'Simple'. We keep it that way. Tech-savvy leaders and digital marketing heads in speeches and theories explain that ideas will do great only when they are 'kept simple'. The major advantage of keeping it simple is making it easy to understand and imply when it comes to an applicable situation. Too many meanings and complicated words, difficult levels of vocabulary and improper communication of an idea can not only vary the meaning but also lose importance as it is told.

At BookourBooks.com, we keep believing in the same strategy-keeping it simple. BookourBooks.com is an uncomplicated-to-use website, helping reach booksellers to readers all across India, with books at unbeatable prices, delivered right at the doorstep.

Keeping in mind the comfort of the sellers and buyers, we kept a 'simple-to-use' website as a strict rule and adhered to building it devotedly. Taking user experience and user understanding for a better process of the website, we designed it with debugged coded pages that lead you to the right approach always.

In just five simple steps, buyers and sellers can both, create an account with us and search, trade, buy and continue their love for reading- all this within minutes.

BOB for Buyers:

1) Create an account by completing sign-up at Register. (OR. Login with your active account.)

2) Build your profile

3) On the Home page, search for your book.

4) Search either with course, semester or with title and keywords. We give you books with words you give us.

5) With keywords and details entered, we list all the books as required.

6) With a click, choose the closest dealer (based on your search), trade and get reading.

BOB for Sellers:

1) Create an account by completing sign-up a Register. (OR. Login with your active account.)

2) On the Home page, click on the bright red icon 'Sell'.

3) The Dashboard page opens up for listing details of the books you want to sell. Fill in the course, book name, the selling price and more.

4) Once done, the ad of your book is submitted to BookourBooks.com team for review. Once reviewed, we approve and your ad is made public.

5) Await for buyers to contact you and get trading.

Just five simple steps. It's that easy.

Get your BOB account today.

The Seller Is You & The Buyer Is You.