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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”

-George R.R Martin

Remember how you pride over the chivalry of a protagonist or clap when you finally read a happy ending? Or let down a tear when the protagonist is killed by the antagonist? In simple words, a hero killed by the villain?

Think of those times when you have not let the eagerness to read every page of a suspense thriller, turning every consecutive page to somehow lead you to who the killer was?

That's exactly what the quote means. An author spins stories that relate on different levels with each individual of the audience, grabs their attention, netting around a world of fantasies, whilst absorbing abstract emotions. Books are not just educational but a doorway to the creative world of dreams and places that authors can weave with their words.

Before any of this was true, there existed a time in history when language did not exist and information was pictorial carvings on walls, caves and tree trunks. Information was tough to reach worldwide.

Fortunately, with the discovery of paper and the printing press, information in the form of numerous pages were woven together to form books that finally came into existence. Unbelievably, books today have become an indispensable element from our lives.

BookOurBooks.com is an online portal where we encourage the idea of owning books and selling books that you own, to buy more books. The team at BookOurBooks.com aims at bringing titles of all genres under one roof, inclusive of course books, guides and more, makes them available for all.

With the ease of use, interested individuals can search for the book of their interest and buy it from the closest seller. Once the seller and buyer are open to trade, the prices can be negotiated confidentially, eliminating any loops for the involvement of third parties, thus providing safe, secure and direct transactions.

BookOurBooks.com is easily accessible for everyone, be it a buyer or a seller offering with books available in good quality for students, teachers, tutors or just avid readers. Sellers are highly appreciated and welcome to sell the stock of books enhancing the art of reading nationally.

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